For the first time, we are introducing our tiered rates & referral program!

These tiers will mainly apply to incoming and cash clients; for other clients, the changes will show up throughout the overall duration of your sessions. Below, the details of each treatment tier are thoroughly outlined:

Initial Visit:

Comprehensive — any modalities under Tier 0-4 may be utilized.

  • 1hr
  • $255
  • Treatment will address any issues that the practitioner finds during the session.

*Ask about “Afterpay packages”

Basic Session:

Acupuncture — Straightforward & Localized. 4-6 week treatment.

  • 40-45 mins
  • $175
  • Essential oils/Cupping

Tier 1

Acupuncture — Detailed. 5-10 week treatment. 45-50 mins


-Bodywork: neck or upper back -Essential oils

Tier 2

Acupuncture – Specific & High Severity of 1+ Conditions. 3-10 week treatment. 45-50 mins


-Bodywork: neck or back -Essential oils

Tier 3

Acupuncture – Specific & High Severity of 1+ Conditions. 3-10 week treatment. 60 mins


-Bodywork: neck or back -Essential oils

Tier 4

Acupuncture – Specific & High Severity of 1+ Conditions. 3-10 week treatment. 75 mins


-Bodywork: neck or back -Essential oils

To further break down the tiers for clarity, the main differences between:

● Tier 1 vs Tier 2:
Tier 2 has more bodywork and is able to target more severe/complex symptoms & conditions than Tier 1.

● Tier 2 vs Tier 3:
The main difference is the length (and therefore thoroughness) of sessions; Tier 3 is 15 min longer than Tier 2.

Now, in the referral system:

For every person you refer, you get bumped up a tier from wherever you’re at already.
In addition, you can choose from the following referral-exclusive offerings to enhance your treatment:

● bodywork/stretches
● personal essential oil blend
● stone chakra therapy
● liver cleanse
● esoteric protocol-based treatment.

Context & Logic:

Currently, the billing process for our sessions is insurance-based. Since insurance companies only extend to cover 2 15-minute units of acupuncture, the current system only truly covers 30 minutes of treatment. Our sessions not only are longer than this allotted time, but also include many modalities beyond acupuncture that (1) most acupuncturists don’t include with acupuncture sessions, and (2) are not covered in this system.

Equitable compensation for practitioners is of course a vital part of good healing sessions that allow a reciprocal, balanced exchange between the healer and healing. This new system is designed to more fairly compensate Yolanda for the expansive time, care, and modalities she puts into her sessions while ensuring that the services we provide remain true to our ethos: thorough, full of care, and people-centered. The extra modalities that Yolanda offers regularly, including cupping and essential oil therapy, will remain a part of every treatment, while you will have the option of adding more time, tools, and detail to your sessions per your needs and desires.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or with your questions! Looking forward to an ever more robust, sustainable, holistic healing journey together. Cheers.

*Ask about “Afterpay packages”


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